Suitable cars for every ride

Comfort taxis

Our fleet includes nearly 150 large middle-class vehicles that are spacious and safe. The cars are a maximum of 5 years old. All cars are white, and the most common models are Toyota Camry and the eco-friendly hybrid SUV Toyota RAV4. All drivers are licensed and experienced professionals who always offer the best service.

Premium taxis

The Forus Taxi fleet includes premium class black E-Class Mercedes-Benz cars. Premium class taxis are a good choice if you want the ultimate comfort and personal service offered by experienced taxi drivers in a luxurious and comfortable car.

XL taxis i.e minivan taxis

XL taxis are spacious and intended primarily for a larger group of passengers. The cars can comfortably accommodate 5–7 passengers and their luggage. The comfort class XL taxis in our fleet are white Toyota ProAce minibuses and the premium class XL taxis are black Mercedes-Benz V-Class minibuses. A XL taxi is also a good choice if you simply want more space when traveling alone or as a couple.

Wheelchair-accessible taxis

A wheelchair-accessible taxi is a minibus with a ramp and lowered floor, where a passenger can enter the vehicle from the rear door along the ramp and sit in their own wheelchair during the ride. Both the wheelchair and the passenger are securely buckled up in the car throughout the journey.

All drivers have received extensive training in first aid, safety and the transport of people with disabilities.

We partner with the Tallinn council to offer social transport services.