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Take the wheel of a Forus taxi

Erinevad Forus Takso sõidukid juhtidega

Become a taxi driver

We are looking for friendly, attentive taxi drivers with good communication skills for the Forus Takso team. Knowledge of foreign languages, previous experience as a taxi driver and good knowledge of the city will be advantages. A driving license and at least two years of driving experience are required.

If you believe you can make a great taxi driver, fill in the contact form and we will get in touch with you.

What will we offer?

Manage your time

As a Forus Takso driver, you will be able to work at a time and place that suits you. You will have full control of your time, and your earnings will depend on your contribution.

Ample amount of rides

We will guarantee a good customer base and the right to stop at the best taxi ranks across the city.

New cars

Our vehicles are new or near new and offer a comfortable and safe driving experience for both driver and passengers

No fee on earnings

We do not charge our taxi drivers the classic commission on sales. In other words, we do not charge separately for rides not ordered through the call centre or mobile app.

Partner offers

As a Forus Takso driver, you will receive various discounts from our partners. The most important of these are discounts on fuel and car washing.

Ownership interest in an international company

Every trip made via the Forus Taxi platform will earn you US Tokens, which you can redeem in 2027 for a stake in Forus Taxi. The more you drive, the greater your ownership interest.

Driving your way to ownership

As a driver at Forus Takso, you become a co-owner of the Forus Taxi platform, with a direct route to developing and improving the service. Join as your own employer, and contribute to the platform’s success story. For every €100 you make through the platform, you earn 1 US Token. Its value grows every day, along with the growth of the platform.

Juhiistmelt omanikuks

Useful information

As a Forus Takso driver, you will have to register as self-employed or start a company (for example, a private limited company).

Our rental cars are Toyota Camry and RAV4. If you rent a car alone, the rent for 30 days is 810 euros (from 01.08.2023 870 euros). In case of a lower workload, the car and thus the rent can be shared with another driver. You may use your own car if it meets the requirements of Forus Takso. The car must be a larger middle-class car, preferably white, and in good condition.

We offer the opportunity to purchase a new Toyota Camry or RAV4 for working as a taxi driver.

As a Forus Tax driver, you will have to pay a franchise fee of 360 euros per month for the use of the trademark, which includes the right to stop at the best taxi ranks in the city. An extra charge applies to airport services. A fee of €1 applies to each order placed through the call centre (phone number 1200) and €0.50 to each order placed through the Tulika1200 mobile app. If necessary, the franchise agreement can be suspended for up to 30 days in each calendar year. The franchise fee and car rental will not be charged for the period of suspension.

You will earn according to your contribution and your ability to choose the right time and place to work. Our base fare is €3.85, the kilometre rate is €0.99 during the daytime and the average taxi ride is about 7 kilometres. An hourly rate is also charged to customers.