Wheelchair-accessible taxis

The perfect transport for people with disabilities in Tallinn

Transport for people with disabilities with experienced and trained drivers.

In our Tallinn fleet, there are four minibuses with ramps and lowered floors that are wheelchair-accessible and suitable for the transport of people with reduced mobility.

All our drivers have received extensive training in first aid, compliance with safety requirements and the transport of people with disabilities.

Disability taxi – the perfect solution for the comfortable and flexible transport of people with reduced mobility.

With a disability taxi, entering the vehicle is convenient and the passenger can stay in their wheelchair the entire ride.

In a disability taxi, passenger safety is guaranteed in the best possible way.

A disability taxi will take you from door-to-door at your requested time.

Ordering a disability taxi

You can order a wheelchair-accessible disability taxi by phone, e-mail or SMS.
Take into account that the order must be made at least 12 hours in advance, and we cannot always guarantee that a car will be available.


Mon–Sun 24/7

+372 612 0030


Order by SMS

Mon–Fri 8–19